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Pokémon Go has three new regional exclusives

Chatot amongst yourselves.

The first Gen 4 Pokémon arrived yesterday afternoon in Pokémon Go - and out of the 20-something new species, three will be particularly hard to find.

These three species - Chatot, Carnivine, Pachirisu - are the game's latest regional exclusives and, after a few hours of confusion, players are now pretty certain where you'll need to head to find them. A fan-sourced interactive Google Map has already being compiled.

First up, Chatot, a parrot Pokémon known in the main series games for its unique ability to mimic recordings of your voice (a feature quickly used by players to make the Pokémon spout obscenities, and removed from future games).

Player reports have pegged Chatot as being available in the majority of Brazil and other South American countries, the southern half of Africa, plus Australia and New Zealand.

Everything points to it being a southern hemisphere regional with its availability overlapping the lower half off existing regional Corsola's zone.

Next is Carnivine, a cactus-like Pokémon which likes marshy areas. It's good news for US-based players - this has popped up as yet another North American regional in the wetlands of south-eastern US.

And finally, Pachirisu, a snowy-looking squirrel which has finally provided Canada with a regional exclusive. The range extends beyond Canada, however, and across Alaska into Siberia and over much of Russia. It looks like the zone for this creature rubs up against the area for Europe exclusive Mr. Mime.

Speaking of Mr. Mime... isn't it time somewhere in Europe got something a little more interesting as another regional? Mr. Mime has been given away worldwide through eggs and will soon get a baby form - unless this too becomes a regional exclusive.

Pokémon Go's regional exclusives from previous generations are all detailed in Eurogamer's detailed Pokémon Go region exclusive guide.

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