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Pokéland is yet another new Pokémon mobile app

Sorry to 'karp on about it.

There's yet another new Pokémon game coming to iOS and Android smartphones - Pokéland, a mobile version of the long-running spin-off series Pokémon Rumble.

Anyone familiar with Pokémon Rumble will recognise Pokéland immediately - it has the same art style and RPG brawler gameplay as the Wii, 3DS and Wii U games. As you might expect, the app will be free-to-play.

Unlike other Pokémon mobile games, Pokéland is notable for being tied into Nintendo's own Account system - so you can use your Mii character within the game. Presumably this means the app could also offer My Nintendo rewards.

The announcement comes only a few days on from the launch of Magikarp Jump, a game where you raise the popular fish Pokémon until it is cruelly killed/you find a better one.

An alpha test for Android phones will take place in Japan from today and last until Friday, 9th June.