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New Pokémon mobile game Magikarp Jump released today

With hard limit on its free-to-play spending.

Move over Pokémon Go, there's a new mobile Pokémon game in town: Magikarp Jump.

The app stars Pokémon's most pathetic creature in a new Pokésport - jumping.

But perhaps most interesting is the game's way of tackling its free to play mechanics.

As you'd expect, there are lumps of currency available to buy with real-world money, which you can then spend on time-saving or cosmetic items. Prices for these bundles range from £1 up to £34.

Unusually, however, there is a hard limit on spending which cannot be exceeded - ever. The app limits you to purchasing 5000 of its Diamond currency, and notes that this limit will not reset with time. This equates to around £79 - so kids cannot spend any more than that on the game.

Magikarp Jump tasks you with feeding your Magikarp, training it via various stat-boosting activities and then taking it into a jumping battle against other trainers.

Other Pokémon also make appearances - within five minutes of playing I was able to unlock Pikachu as a support character.

Progressing through the game will unlock other creatures, new items for your Magikarp tank, power-ups and different Magikarp scale patterns.

As with Pokémon Go, Magikarp Jump is an official game released by The Pokémon Company but nothing to do with Nintendo.

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