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Point-and-click cult classic The Shivah gets remastered Kosher Edition

It's a mitzvah!

Independent adventure game developer Wadjet Eyes Games (Blackwell series developer and Gemini Rue publisher) is releasing an enhanced version of the 2006 cult-classic that put it on the map, The Shivah, for PC on 21st November.

A serious man.

Shivah: Kosher Edition - which curiously drops the "The" from the title - follows the story of Russell Stone, a down-on-his-luck rabbi struggling to keep his poor synagogue open during trying times. After receiving a mysterious sum of money from a dead congregation member, Stone is compelled to investigate where this money came from and whether it's morally just to spend it.

This remastered version features enhanced graphics and music, fully-voiced dialogue, three different endings, and "Talmudic combat" as you engage in some fierce rabbi rumbles.

Pre-orders for Shivah: Kosher Edition are currently available at 20 per cent off, bringing the price to $3.99 rather than the $4.99 it'll go for upon release.

Additionally, there's a demo available. Or you can simply get a feel for the higher production values by watching the trailer below.

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