Shivah: Kosher Edition

Point-and-click cult classic The Shivah gets remastered Kosher Edition

Independent adventure game developer Wadjet Eyes Games (Blackwell series developer and Gemini Rue publisher) is releasing an enhanced version of the 2006 cult-classic that put it on the map, The Shivah, for PC on 21st November.

Shivah: Kosher Edition - which curiously drops the "The" from the title - follows the story of Russell Stone, a down-on-his-luck rabbi struggling to keep his poor synagogue open during trying times. After receiving a mysterious sum of money from a dead congregation member, Stone is compelled to investigate where this money came from and whether it's morally just to spend it.

This remastered version features enhanced graphics and music, fully-voiced dialogue, three different endings, and "Talmudic combat" as you engage in some fierce rabbi rumbles.

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