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Please welcome Liv Ngan to the team

Eurogamer's new work experience reporter.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Hello everyone! Please give a warm welcome to Liv Ngan, the newest member of Eurogamer's team, who joins us this week as our work experience reporter.

Liv Ngan, Eurogamer's new work experience reporter.
It's Liv Ngan!

Liv comes from a computer science background, though has a Masters in journalism up next on the horizon. She's based in Manchester, and tells me she likes attracting cats and understanding memes.

Do keep a look out for Liv's stories over the course of the summer as she works alongside myself and the rest of Eurogamer's brilliant news team (and I'm delighted to say Liv's first story is already live).

As ever, we'll be searching out stories, devise puns and hopefully keep you up-to-date, informed and entertained. Please do make her feel welcome!