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PlayStation Network experiencing "network connectivity issues" again

UPDATE: "Connectivity is being restored," Sony says.

UPDATE 26/8/14 4.50pm Sony has said that it has restored sign-in access to PlayStation 3 and that connectivity will soon be returned across the rest of the PlayStation Network.

"Thanks for your patience. PS3 sign in is now possible, and we're continuing to look into issues on PS4," a post on the official PlayStation Europe Twitter account reads. "Network connectivity is being restored to the rest of the network. Thanks for your patience again."

UPDATE 26/8/14 4.50pm PlayStation Network is again facing technical issues, Sony admitted this afternoon.

In a post on the official PlayStation Europe Twitter account, the company branded the problem as "minor".

Eurogamer tested the issue and experienced problems logging in and an inability to connect to multiplayer games.

The problems follow a weekend of patchy service and downtime due to a concerted DDOS attack that also targeted Xbox Live and

Microsoft still has an active Xbox Live service alert acknowledging issues with Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Diablo 3 - although this may be an issue at Blizzard's end rather than Microsoft's.

The weekend's attacks - rounded up in full here - are now being investigated by the FBI. The hacking group to blame for the problems also called in a hoax bomb threat against a flight being taken by Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley. The plane was diverted to another airport but landed safely without issue.

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