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PlayStation 5 photos show off how big it really is

Absolute TV unit.

Sony's official photos of the PS5 are designed to play up its elegant and inwardly-curved design - a trick of the eye which brings to mind Microsoft's Xbox 360.

These new photos, from a Taiwanese product filing, do not. Instead, they lay the PS5 down on its side next to a pair of long rulers, and show exactly how big this console is when measured up (thanks The Verge).

Officially, Sony has announced PS5's measurements as 390mm (15.4") height, 260mm (10.24") deep, and 104mm (4.09") wide. But in reality it is likelier to be bigger. These numbers do not include the console's chunky base plate, which it is recommended you use to ensure the thing remains stable.

Here's an official PlayStation image of the console with its base plate attached and a DualSense controller for scale.

Over the weekend, diagrams drawn to scale showed just how the PS5 and Xbox Series S and X will look sat next to your TV. (Or rather, how your TV would look sat next to these towering new consoles.)

There's no getting around it - neither the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be small, with PS5 the chonkiest of the lot by some margin.

Is your living room ready?

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