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PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units worldwide

With 20.5 million games shifted.

Sony has now shifted 7 million PlayStation 4 units, the console manufacturer has announced.

We are legion, for we are many.

This figure was taken as of 6th April.

As of 13th April, 20.5 million PS4 games were sold between retail and the PlayStation Store.

"On behalf of the entire global team at PlayStation, I want to thank you for your unprecedented support and for making PS4 your next-generation console of choice," social media manager Sid Shuman said on the US PlayStation Blog.

"We couldn't have done this without you! And please keep the feedback coming: we are listening."

The last time we checked, PS4 had sold 6 million units by the beginning of March - a figure which easily surpassed Sony's initial expectations of 5 million by the end of that month.

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