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PlayStation 3 Gaikai streaming confirmed for Vita TV

But still no word on a European launch for either.

Sony has announced that its recently-revealed PlayStation Vita TV device will be able to stream PS3 games using the company's Gaikai technology.

Vita TV will cost 9480 yen (£63) and launch in Japan on 14th November.

But Sony could still not confirm European launch plans for either Vita TV or its PS3-streaming service, Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida told Eurogamer at Tokyo Games Show.

"We'd like to offer a variety of games because the fun of server-based services like Netflix is you just want to browse through," Yoshida explained when I asked how expansive the service's launch catalogue might be.

"Like movies, you can start to watch five minutes and if you're bored you can move on to something else. [Also,] we have to make sure the games work through the internet. We have to go through certification for each title. So we'll start with a selection and then work from there."

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe boss Jim Ryan explained earlier in the month that PS3 game streaming would begin in North America in early 2014. European gamers will have to wait longer, however - due to our continent's less-spectacular broadband capabilities. To combat that, Sony is currently striking deals with ISPs such as Virgin and Orange to ensure "bits of the pipe are left open for gamers".

Whenever it does launch, the Gaikai-powered PS3 streaming will also be available on PlayStation 4, Vita and PlayStation 3.

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