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Pizza Delivery Boy coming to Wii

Make and deliver posh cheese on toast.

Majesco (but of course) has announced plans to release Pizza Delivery Boy for the Wii.

The story goes that three brothers have failed to manage their pizza restaurants properly and the bank manager is threatening to shut them down. You come in like some kind of probably less sweary Gordon Ramsay figure and try to sort it all out.

You must deliver the pizzas as well as make them, avoiding hazards like dogs and oil slicks. The remote acts as both your cooking utensil and steering wheel. As the game progresses you can unlock faster vehicles and take on side missions, such as street racing and cooking competitions.

"Pizza Delivery Boy combines made-to-order pizza preparation with fast and furious driving that delivers on fun," said Majesco exec Gui Karyo. Must have taken him all day to think that one up.

The game is out in winter 2010.