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Pick up an Xbox Series X for £429 today from Very this Cyber Monday

With bonus options for an extra controller or 3 month Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Cyber Monday 2022 will be coming to end tonight, and Very still has reduced prices for hundreds of gaming products.

If you’re looking to get into next-gen gaming, one such deal available right now is one you won’t want to miss out on – as of this moment, Very are selling an Xbox Series X for £20 less than its RRP.

It's admittedly not a massive saving, but it is the cheapest we’ve seen the consoles go to, so it’s definitely worth considering before Cyber Monday is out – you'll want to to hurry though as this offer ends at midnight.

On top of the base console, Very are offering extra options you can add to build your own bundle such as 3 months worth of Game Pass Ultimate. Very also have the option to add an additional controller too, or a combination of the two. These additions will of course bump up the price, but there’s still a decent saving to be had compared to other retailers. Plus, with a bonus like Game Pass included, you’re set up for much gaming in the future.

For those who haven’t heard of Game Pass, it’s a subscription service available on PC and Xbox – albeit with a sometimes-alternating selection of games depending on the platform – which grants access to a plethora of games across many genres. Some of its biggest hits include Xbox’s own Halo and Gears of War franchises, along with new releases and other great third party titles including Deathloop, Return to Monkey Island, A Plague Tale: Requiem and more.

Essentially, it’s a good deal and well worth picking up alongside your Series X purchase - and this particular 'Ultimate' version of Game Pass will grant you access to the service on Xbox and PC, as well as the ability to play games online and all the other benefits of Xbox Live Gold.

As Cyber Monday 2022 comes to a close, we’ll continue to provide updates on the best deals you can find. If you want to stay up to date on all of these, be sure to give us a follow on our Jelly Deals Twitter, and if it’s tech you’re looking for, you’ll want to check out our friends over at Digital Foundry and Rock Paper Shotgun who will be posting updates on all the best deals for PC gaming, peripherals and more.