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PES dev slams FIFA 13's aesthetic changes

"Maybe EA thinks it has gone far enough with gameplay."

Pro Evolution Soccer developer Konami has criticised rival EA's emphasis on aesthetic tweaks for FIFA 2013.

A lack of real gameplay differences suggests EA has run out of innovative steam, PES team leader Jon Murphy suggested.

"Maybe EA thinks they've gone far enough with gameplay and they've got other things to do," Murphy told OPM. "Maybe they want to attract a different kind of audience with different features."

But who will win?

In comparison, changes in this year's PES instalment focus squarely on improving gameplay, Murphy added.

"We always focused on gameplay and that's what we want to get back to. I've always thought it's right that we should be concentrating really hard on the way you play a game against someone else, and that unique PES feeling, which is all about gameplay."

"Maybe EA thinks they've gone far enough with gameplay and they've got other things to do."

John Murphy, team leader, PES

Murphy has recently gone on the offensive regarding the annual PES and FIFA sales fight, which Konami has been losing in the UK for several years.

"It's just a bit galling at times that people throw FIFA in your face constantly," Murphy told Eurogamer earlier this month. "And you're thinking, well hold on, the only reason why FIFA is in the position it's in now is because of PES. And it doesn't mean to say FIFA will always occupy that position."

PES 2013.