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PES 2011 a week after FIFA in UK

A year for change?

Konami has given PES 2011 an 8th October UK release date on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The other versions - PS2, PSP, Wii - will follow later that month.

Genre rival, FIFA 11, will be released a week earlier on 1st October.

Konami has gone to great lengths to convince the world that this year PES will be better. Western journalists were even flown to Japan HQ for the first time in memory to see behind the scenes - Eurogamer TV among them.

Key features for PES 2011 are the Master League Online, 360 degrees of freedom and button-mappable tricks. On top of that, Konami's promising the most fluid game of football yet, with improvements made to animations and overall presentation across the board.

Eurogamer's examination of an unfinished PES 2011 offers plenty of detail.

Eurogamer plays an actual match of PES 2011. No frills, no cinematics.