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Persona 5: May events and activities - Team celebration, check rumours at the museum

What you could get up to in the month of May.

Persona 5's May events and activities and features the first team celebration and checking rumours at the museum, which leads to our second Palace dungeon.

If you're after help for other parts of the game, consult our Persona 5 guide and walkthrough.

Important dates during May in Persona 5

  • 2nd: The aftermath of Kamoshida's Palace.
  • 5th: Team celebration. (Search for your next target)
  • 7th: Introduction to Mementos.
  • 11th-13th: Exams.
  • 14th: Madrame story begins. (Check rumours about Madarame)
  • 18th: You can start the Strength confidant today.
  • 19th: Madrame Palace opens up.
  • 20th: Revisit Madrame Palace. This will begin Steal Madarame's heart, and you need to have reached the Treasure by June 2nd at the latest. Once his heart is stolen you'll Await the change of heart again.
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May events in Persona 5

Persona 5 follows a fairly strict calendar, and working out what's best to do on any given day can be a little tricky. We've created a path that, if followed correctly, should allow you to maximise all the social links with Confidants, max out your Social Stats (some days provide better gains to Guts, Knowledge etc than others) and see the bulk of the game's content in a single playthrough.

If you're already part way through then we'll still give you pointers to some efficient levelling opportunities, as well as ways to tackle each Palace and more.

1st: Daytime:
Buy 3 plant nutrients from the flower shop in Shibuya Underground Mall.
Drink juice at Shibuya Underground Walkway (Proficiency +1)
Order coffee from the Shibuya Diner. (Guts +1, Knowledge +2)

In the evening, head to the bathhouse. (Charm +2)

2nd: The aftermath of stealing Kamoshida's heart. In the evening visit the bathhouse again. (Charm +3)

3rd: Watch the news.

4th: Sell the loot in Untouchables.

5th: Celebrate with the team. In the evening use some nutrients on the plant in your room. (Kindness +3)

6th: After school spend time with Ann. (Conversation options: A, B, B, B.)

Read a job brochure at Shibuya Station and take the Flower Shop and Beef Bowl Shop openings.
Work a shift at the Beef Bowl Shop. (Proficiency +2)

7th: Class question: B.
Mementoes Tutorial, introducing you to a series of optional randomly generated dungeons.

8th: Daytime: Meet with Mishima.

Drink juice at Shibuya Underground Walkway (Guts +1)
Work a shift at Beef Bowl Shop - make a note of the orders you're given, and then serve them in the correct order. (Proficiency +3)

9th: After school spend time with Ryuji. (Conversation options: B, A, B)

In the evening go to Shibuya Square and talk to Yoshida, the politician giving a speech.

10th: Class question: B.
After school spend time with Ryuji. (Conversation options: C, A, B.)

In the evening spend time with Yoshida.

11th: Exam answers: B; C, A, A.

12th: Exam answers: B, A.

13th: Exam answers: A, B.

14th: Talk to Ann's stalker.

15th: Visit the art gallery.

16th: Class question: B.

Visit Yusuke Kitagawa. (Initial Madarame's Palace infiltration.)

17th: Visit Yusuke.

18th: After school spend time with Tae in the Clinic. (Conversation options: B, A.)

In the evening make more coffee at Leblanc.

19th: Infiltrate Madarame's Palace. You need to get as far as the impenetrable barrier on this visit.

In the evening interact with the TV in Leblanc. (Quiz answer: B.)

20th: Return to Madarame's Palace.

21st: Read the Carmen book on the train to school. (Charm +3)

Class question: C.

After school:
Swap the Carmen book for the Goemon book in the school library.
Speak to Ann, (Conversation options: any, any, any, any, C, any, any, B, B.)

In the evening feed the plant in your room, then speak with Sojiro.

22nd: Daytime:
Head to Shibuya Underground Walkway and drink a juice. (Kindness +1)
Spend time with Tae. (Conversation options: any, any, A.)

In the evening head to Shibuya and hang out with Yoshida.

23rd: Class question: C.

After school work a shift at the convenience store.
In the evening visit the bathhouse. (Charm +3).

24th: Read the Goemon book on the train.
Spend time with Ann after school. (Conversation options: A, B, A, A, C.)
In the evening make coffee at Leblanc.

25th: After school spend time with Tae at the clinic. (Conversation options: any, any, B.)
In the evening read Ryuji's text message and accept the invitation. (Conversation options: B, A.)

Need more help? Our Persona 5 guide and walkthrough features a complete month-by-month summary with important dates and Palace strategies, as well as how to get the True Ending. Elsewhere, learn how to make the most of your free time with all Confidant, Social Link and romance options, the best ways to increase Social Stats such as Knowledge, Guts, Proficiency, Kindness and Charm, create the best Personas through Fusions, how to cheat on exams with our test answers, how to get Mementos requests, unlock the entire Trophy list and learn about the upcoming DLC schedule.

26th: Class question: B.
After school meet Ann at the Underground Mall. (Conversation options: B, B, A.)
In the evening interact with the TV in Leblanc (answer A) and then visit the bathhouse. (Knowledge +1, Charm +3)

27th: Reach the Treasure in Madarame's Palace.

28th: Spend time with Tae after school. (Conversation options: A, any, A, B.)
Spend time with Sojiro in the evening.

29th: Afternoon:
Head to Shibuya and drink some juice. (Knowledge +1)
Head to the movie theatre and meet Ryuji. (Conversation option: A.)
In the evening spend time with Yoshida.

30th: Read the Goemon book on the train. (Guts +3)

Class question: A.
After school swap the Goemon book for the Arsene book at the school library, then go to the hideout and write the calling card.
In the evening save the game in your room and then use the crafting bench. If you don't get Proficiency +3 then reload and try again.

31st: Last chance to steal Madarame's Heart in Madarame's Palace.