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Persona 5: Okumura Palace dungeon - Barracks, Production Line, Transfer Line, Okumura Execurobo MDL-ED boss in the Spaceport Palace

How to explore and beat the fifth Palace.

In Persona 5 Okumura Palace is the fifth dungeon that starts during the months of September and October.

As before, you'll be taking a few visits to Okumura Palace dungeon, with several infiltrations and a run to get the Treasure and take on the boss.

If you're after help for other parts of the game, consult our Persona 5 guide and walkthrough.

Okumura Palace dungeon


A fairly brief visit - head down the lift and follow the corridor until you reach an impassable door, and you'll be forced to retreat and come back later.

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Upper Facility Passageway

Retrace your steps to where you broke off last time. You'll be intercepted by Haru's fiancee, but once he's dealt with open the door and use the elevator to descend to the next floor.

Facility Passageway

From the elevator, head down the passage to the left and use the safe room, then head down the passage on the east. Examine the locked door at the end, and then climb onto the ledge in the south east corner and squeeze through the vent.

When you emerge the other side follow the narrow walkway anti-clockwise around the perimeter of the room and activate the Terminal Controls on the other side, then continue anti-clockwise to return to the vent.

The door is now open, so head into the next room, ignore the elevator in the middle for now, and carry on through the corridor to another locked door. Once you've tried it, head back to the elevator and descend to the barracks below.

Barracks, Production Line, Transfer Line and more


Start by heading for the room directly to your north, and eavesdrop on the robots inside. One of them will give you a clue to help you identify your target, and several rooms will now be marked on your map.

Head to each one and talk to the occupant - identify yourself as salesmen, and wait and see whether he uses the phrase you overheard during the ensuing conversation.

If he does, beat him down to get his key, and if he doesn't you can either opt to leave him in peace or fight him anyway - it's up to you which you choose. Repeat this process until you've defeated the correct robot, and watch the change of shift.

The process now repeats twice - the potential targets will be in different locations, but the principle is the same - and you will be rewarded with the key for the locked door in the Facility Passageway, so head back up in the elevator, open the door, and make your way to the next area.

Facility Surroundings

Not much to see here - just follow the path, tackle a few shadows on the way, and head through the door at the end.

Export Line

Use the safe room, then head up the ramp to the east. After the brief cutscene keep heading east, down the ramp, and onto the long walkway. Ignore the bridge on your left for now and head directly north.

Just before you reach the door your path will be blocked, so double back and cross the bridge, use the terminal to the south to destroy one of the robot arms, then cross back over the bridge and head north again.

When you reach the broken arm use it to cross to the other side, head through the small gap between the blocks to your north, and up the ramp into a control room, and head for the north east and use the arm control terminal to create another makeshift bridge.

Retrace your steps and cross back to the eastern side over the new bridge, use the control terminal on the other side, and then return to the control room. Head out onto the ledge past the control terminal inside, drop down to the south onto the broken arm, and cross to the door to the next area.

Production Line

Head up the ramp and turn left. Ignore the blue console for now, and turn left just past it and descend the short ramp. You're going to need to dash along this platform shortly, so deal with the two shadows and make your way to the far west to find the blue pistons, then return to the blue console.

Activate it, select "Lunchtime", and then sprint back to the first now-stationary piston and make your way to the other side.

Activate the pink console, then sprint back over the blue piston, along the walkway towards the blue console, and then turn left and cross the pink piston to reach the door to the next area.

Disposal Line

Head down the ramp to the right and use the safe room, then head down the next ramp and use the console to destroy the nearby arm.

Make your way across it and head to the eastern end of the walkway, and use the panel on the bridge to stop the blue pistons then run back to the arm control panel, up the ramp next to it, and cross the pistons before the timer runs out.

Use the console to destroy another arm, criss the bridge to the west, and head south and over the arm. Make your way to the west to locate the yellow piston control panel, use it, then head back to the previous arm control and cross the yellow pistons. Deal with the shadows blocking your path, then head through the door and use the elevator to head up to the next area.

Central Factory

Pop in to the safe room, and then use the airlock to traverse the gap to the next elevator.

Transfer Line 1

Use the airlock ahead, then the one to the east. Use the switch on the well, then head through the airlock in the north east. Ignore the switches in here and head through the far airlock, use the switch to the east, and then use the airlock in the middle of the corridor to enter the small room to the north.

Flick the switch in there, exit the room, and then use the one to the east again. Make your way through the airlock at the western end of the tunnel, use the switch, then head west and north to reach the elevator.

Transfer Line 2

Use the safe room, head through the airlock to the north and then the east. Ignore the switch and use the airlock at the far end of the corridor to cross to the east, then go through the one to the nort, then east again.

Head through the airlock at the far end, then go west, west again, use the switch, then exit through the south. Head through the neighbouring airlock, go east again, and then north.

Ignore the switch and exit through the airlock to the north, flick the switch in this room, and leave through the airlock at the far end. Use the airlock in the south west, then west, south, and west again to reach the elevator.

Weapon Production

Use the safe room and then head down the ramp to look at the treasure before returning to the real world.

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Okumura and Execurobo MDL-ED boss

When you reach the treasure room a bridge will open up and a countdown timer will start. Cross the bridge and work your way up the ramps towards the exit - the ten minute time limit is very generous as it only takes a couple of minutes to reach the end, but you may want to skip combat where possible along the way just in case.

The final fight also has a time limit - at 30 minutes it shouldn't pose a threat, although on higher difficulty levels it may be a squeeze so don't spend too long thinking about things!

The fight opens with six waves of lower level shadows followed by Execurobo MDL-ED - he's a bit of an HP sponge, but doesn't do anything particularly threatening so just pile on the damage as fast as possible. Once his HP reaches somewhere between 50%-25% Shadow Okumura will join in the fight, but he doesn't do any direct damage and just throws out a few debuffs.

Once the robot is down you'll be left with just Okumura, but a single hit from pretty much anything will kill him.

After that, it's off to the final Casino palace and the last confrontation!