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Penn & Teller do games this week

Comic duo debunk violence link.

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Provocative comic-illusionist duo Penn & Teller will air an episode of Bulls*** that examines the link between violence and videogames this week.

"Politicians and other alarmists claim that playing videogames leads to teen violence. Penn & Teller attempt to debunk that theory by handing over a real semi-automatic weapon to a nine-year-old to see if playing video games will turn him into a human killing machine," reads the show synopsis, according to GameSpot.

There's a short preview of the episode available now, in which Penn & Teller talk to anti-videogame activist Chris Cooney.

In the clip, Cooney shows his 'School Shooting Triangle': a take on the Fire Triangle where fuel, oxygen and heat are the sides of the shape and required elements to make fire.

In his version, Cooney uses guns, 'Troubled Kid' and 'Mass-Killing Simulators' to produce school shootings - the latter being his term for first-person shooters.

"You're just looking down the barrel of a gun and kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill," says Cooney during the clip. "It's a shame they can't be running around, er, finding sick people and hitting them with a magic wand and making them healthy or something like that."

Penn & Teller conclude that Cooney is obviously not familiar with the 'Expert Triangle', "Where in order to be taken seriously you must have written a book, have a job and be wearing an age-appropriate shirt."

Bulls*** is not broadcast over here, so you will need to find another way to watch the show.

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