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PC to PS3/Linux game streaming launches

Crysis on your telly.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

StreamMyGame has released an update to its software so you can stream PC games to your PS3.

Specifically it has added Ubuntu and Yellow Dog Linux support for its StreamMyGame Player, so any machine running the operating systems can install the client and receive the digital streams.

The aim is to let a host PC with impressive tell-your-mates machinery run a game while someone controls it elsewhere - currently only in the local LAN vicinity.

"I have a PS3 in my living room and PC in my office and my two kids both have old PCs in their bedrooms," said Richard Faria, boss of StreamMyGame. "Now we can play games anywhere around the home.

"StreamMyGame's technology networks the power of a main PC so it can be used to play high end games on other PCs, PS3s and Linux devices."

Broadband support is expected as soon as March, although only for networks with sufficient capacity. Like NASA.

Head over and register on the StreamMyGame site to download the free server and player, both of which are also compatible with Windows.

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