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Pathfinder: Kingmaker reaches Kickstarter goal, looks like Baldur's Gate

Chris Avellone is writing the script.

Pazio, Inc's popular tabletop RPG series Pathfinder is being adapted into a Baldur's Gate-style isometric RPG with veteran writer Chris Avellone (Fallout 2, Planescape: Torment, KOTOR 2) on deck.

Developed by Owlcat Games (Heroes of Might & Magic 5, Allods Online, Skyforge), this expanded adaptation of the RPG series' Kingmaker campaign recently met its Kickstarter goal of $500k. At the moment, it's raised $542,271 across 10,671 backers with another 14 days still to go before its 11th July deadline.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker sounds very open-ended as players create their own character, recruit allies in their party, and make choices that will affect whether the game's setting of the Stolen Lands prospers into a safe haven or descends into criminal chaos.

Owlcat noted that its video game adaptation will be accessible for those who have never partaken in a Pathfinder campaign. "You certainly don't need to be familiar with the story, but if you are, you will encounter characters you know and love," the studio said.

"I'm a Paizo fan, and a Pathfinder fan," Avellone said of the popular RPG property. "I like the setting, the art style, the adventure paths, the card game, and the iconic characters. I've enjoyed playing Pathfinder with my friends (we used to be part of an Ocean's-11 style game), and I've enjoyed the comics, the world, and the overall setting. I'm excited by the prospect of bringing Pathfinder to the computer RPG world, and hope gamers will enjoy playing in the Pathfinder universe."

You can reserve a copy of Pathfinder: Kingmaker by pledging $28. Owlcat has estimated an August 2018 launch on PC.