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Painkiller gets film treatment

Heaven's got a hit man.

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Film studio Guy Walks Into a Bar has snaffled up the rights to make a version of Painkiller for the big-screen.

Developed originally for PC in 2004, the game was based around Daniel Garner, who finds himself caught between heaven and hell and used as a pawn in the war between them. Sucker.

It tried to position itself somewhere between Serious Sam and Doom, but failed to attract many pats on the back. Kristan reckoned it "blew its wad too soon".

Adapting it for the big-screen will be the unfamiliar penman Ben McCaw, whose credits include Gideon's Vault - an Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition finalist. The aim is to recreate the fast action and hellish atmosphere of the game.

No stars or a director have yet been mentioned. Uwe Boll might be a little busy.

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