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Overlord rampaging onto Wii, DS

Climax expanding the evil empire.

Codemasters will be expanding the Overlord empire onto Wii and DS in 2009.

Both titles are developed by Climax and will play to the strengths of each platform. Clever.

Overlord: Dark Legend, for Wii, rewinds events, joining a young Overlord struggling to find his inner hatred. Protecting the castle soon branches out to overseeing the surrounding lands, which are filled with fairytale faces for you to devour.

Minions are ordered around using Wiimote gestures, and some can be plucked from the pack and shaken to become explosive, living missiles.

DS game Overlord: Minions, on the other hand, downscales the action to an elite "Special Farces" team of five minions: Giblet, Blaze, Stench, Zap and their leader, Gnarl.

The Overlord controls action from afar, issuing tactical touch-screen strategies to his obedient underlings as they battle the Kindred, a race of human-dragon hybrids.

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