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Origin: Battlefield 3 pre-orders in beta

But not in the UK.

Update: The Battlefield 3 beta early access pre-order incentive can now be seen on the UK Origin store.

Original story: Pre-order Battlefield 3 on Origin to get early access to the beta. If you live in the US.

The UK Origin store doesn't appear to offer the same deal. In the UK you get the Back to Karkand expansion, Physical Warfare weapon pack and items for Battlefield Play4Free.

Altering the URL to pretend you're in North America doesn't seem to work, either. However, MTV Multiplayer took a picture of the pre-order incentive on Origin as proof it exists.

In the UK, a Battlefield 3 pre-order costs £39.99.

DICE plans to begin the open beta in September. Battlefield 3 is currently in closed alpha testing.

Battlefield 3 may be the first big EA game not to launch on Steam, according to US megashop GameStop.

Battlefield 3.

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Battlefield 3

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