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One of Treasure's finest just made its way to Nintendo Switch Online

Now is the time to the 68000 heart on fire!

Nintendo's just updated its Mega Drive offering as part of its Switch Online service, adding three new games - including two classics from beloved studio Treasure.

Alien Soldier and Light Crusader lead the way, the former a boss-rush side-scroller that plays out as if Jeff Minter had a hand in a Gunstar Heroes remix, the latter an action adventure that sits apart from the rest of Treasure's back catalogue with its darker fantasy tone. Also I've not played it anyway near as much as the rest of Treasure's games and can't wait to get properly acquainted with it now it's on Switch.

Cover image for YouTube videoSEGA Genesis - March 2022 Game Updates - Nintendo Switch Online

Elsewhere, let's not forget that Super Fantasy Zone is also inbound today, and any excuse to play Sega's cutesy shooting game. But also, more importantly, what a treat to get some more of Treasure's back catalogue on the Switch's service - now how about getting the whole lot on Switch somehow?