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Oculus Rift with next-day delivery spotted on Amazon UK

You'll have to be quick. And rich.

Oculus Rift is extremely hard to get hold of. The VR headset manufacturer has had parts supply and manufacturing problems that have severely restricted the number of headsets available to the extent that it still hasn't fulfilled all preorders made through its own website. (Its launch date was March 28th.)

But, as ever, there are other ways to get hold of one. There was a limited retail release through Best Buy in the US last month, and now a small handful of units have been put up for sale on Amazon UK by a seller called Daily Electronic Deals. At time of writing, there are seven available. You can even have it delivered tomorrow, if you want.

But you'll have to pay for the privilege. The Rifts are listed at an eye-watering £899, "reduced" from an "RRP" of £1299. The actual price of Oculus Rift is £499 / $599, and I don't think the pound has crashed quite that far in the past few days. Bear in mind that the price doesn't include motion controllers, either - in fact, Oculus' Touch controllers haven't been released yet.

If you want your Rift tomorrow, next-day delivery will cost you a cool £101.21, taking the total cost over a grand. Two-day delivery is £58, "express" delivery is £29, and standard delivery - next week sometime - is free.

That's supply and demand for you. Is it worth it? In Digital Foundry's Oculus Rift review, Rich Leadbetter was impressed by the Rift's tech, software, build quality and ease of use. There's even an officially Eurogamer-recommended game for it: in our Edge of Nowhere review, Donlan was wowed by what VR brought to an otherwise conventionally well-made action-horror game. So what, apart from the insanely high barrier to entry, is stopping you? Oh, right. That.

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