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Now Amazon warns it may not deliver Xbox Series X pre-orders at launch

And yes, the scalpers are out in force.

Hot on the heels of last week's PlayStation 5 pre-order chaos comes a warning from Amazon that it may not deliver the Xbox Series X in time for launch.

With Xbox Series X pretty much sold-out across the internet (the S is still widely available), retail behemoth Amazon has issued to those who have pre-ordered an Xbox Series X the same sort of email it sent out to PS5 pre-order customers, warning it may not get Microsoft's console out to them in time for launch "due to high demand".

For all those who pre-ordered on Amazon. I just received this email basically telling me not to expect it on release day. from r/XboxSeriesX

According to Amazon's email, the company is working with Microsoft to secure more stock. It may be the case that Amazon is simply covering itself in the event of logistical issues this November and behind closed doors it does not anticipate a delivery delay, but a cursory glance online shows plenty of people are spooked.

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Either way, Xbox Series X hopefuls certainly endured a torrid time this week. Despite Microsoft announcing a 22nd September date for when pre-orders would go live, retailer websites soon fell over and, crucially, the websites of GAME and Smyths - the only two shops to offer the Xbox All-Access payment plan in the UK - were offline for much of the morning. Even now, four days later, Xbox All Access is currently not available for new online orders on GAME's website, which means you have to visit a GAME store in-person to place a pre-order.

Also unsurprising is the console scalpers are at it once again, selling the Xbox Series X with huge markups.

Looking only at items that have been sold, we can see hundreds of results where an Xbox Series X pre-order was bought at an inflated price (it should cost £450). Here's one that went for £920. Here's another that went for £660. As with the scalper situation for PS5, there are suspicious listings for Xbox Series X. This listing saw a winning bid of £10,099. I reckon a bot's had it's fun with that one.

While both Sony and Microsoft have said more stock of their new consoles will be made available, it looks like the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be hard to come by this Christmas.