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Key retailer websites go down amid Xbox Series X pre-orders

All Access sellers GAME, Smyths both offline.

Key retailer websites have gone offline amid Xbox Series X pre-orders.

The websites for GAME and Smyths are both currently offline. In the UK, GAME and Smyths are the only two retailers authorised to sell Xbox All Access - that is, paying monthly for a new Xbox rather than all up-front.

Tweets from the shops' official accounts reveal the retailers are working to restore their sites now.

A source at GAME indicated to Eurogamer this morning that its website's collapse was the result of a number of issues, including the sale of the All Access program, issues with the delivery system, and a quite remarkable deal that was seemingly offered in error.

This error meant people could buy an Xbox Series X with a Turtle Beach headset for just £320. An Xbox Series X should cost £450 on its own.

Meanwhile, the Xbox Series X is sold out across the internet, including at sites such as Amazon, ShopTo and even Microsoft's own store. The Xbox Series S is currently still available.

Did you manage to snag an Xbox Series X / S pre-order this morning?

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