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No new Game Room games for a month

Weekly additions begin in late April.

Microsoft has stated that it won't be adding any new retro arcade games to Xbox 360's Game Room for a month.

Weekly additions had been promised, but won't begin until late April, a community manager revealed on the Xbox forums (thanks, VG247).

"Just wanted to provide some clarification on when you can expect to see new games up on Game Room, as there appears to be some confusion around that area," reads the post. "New games will be added to the service every week, starting in late April."

In the meantime, you'll have to make do with the launch selection of 30 games, including Centipede, Scramble, Yar's Revenge, Lunar Lander and the mighty Tempest.

Game Room offers the old-school games in a virtual arcade you can stroll around with your Xbox Live avatar. You can pay 40 Microsoft Points (£0.34) per play session, or 240 Microsoft Points (£2.04) to buy a game.

"Great idea, mostly terrible games," summarised our resident retro-head Kristan Reed in this morning's Game Room hands on.

Tempest, though!