Game Room


New titles for XBL Game Room

Blades of Steel, Pitfall II, more added.

Time Pilot heads Game Room update

Microsoft adds 19 new oldies.

New Game Room games delayed again

No updates until "further notice".

No new Game Room games for a month

Weekly additions begin in late April.

New titles for XBL Game Room

Blades of Steel, Pitfall II, more added.

Time Pilot heads Game Room update

Microsoft adds 19 new oldies.

New Game Room games delayed again

No updates until "further notice".

No new Game Room games for a month

Weekly additions begin in late April.

Xbox Live Game Room is faulty - reports

Apparently it's not working properly yet.

Game Room here in late March

Perfect Dark XBLA a week earlier.

XBL Game Room dated for March

Perfect Dark and Scrap Metal out then too.

Game Room denied mature games

Service suitable for 10 year-olds.