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No Call of Duty XP event this year

Activision teases "new experiences" at Gamescom.

There will be no Call of Duty XP event this year, Activision has confirmed.

Instead, Activision will host "new experiences" at events such as Gamescom, the German video game show.

In a statement on the One of Swords community blog, Activision said XP may return in the future.

"Last year's Call of Duty XP was a great way to celebrate our Call of Duty community and reveal Call of Duty Elite. Each year we try to surprise and delight our fans and this year we are planning to host some new experiences for our fans around the globe including at Gamescom later this summer in Cologne, Germany. While its possible we may host another XP in the future, we don't have plans to hold the event this year."

Call of Duty XP was a gargantuan convention that took place in Los Angeles last year ahead of the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It played host to a concert by Kanye West and a million dollar COD tournament. Read Simon Parkin's report for Eurogamer here.