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Nintendo's online service gets a little bit better next week

Three NES games inbound for Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo is bolstering its online Switch service for subscribers, with the arrival of three new NES games next Wednesday.

And you're probably wondering what those games are - well, as revealed previously, this month's batch is the original Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack and Twinbee.

Metroid you no doubt know (and how I'd dearly love an SP version, similar to that which the original The Legend of Zelda recently received, that makes the game a little more palatable for modern tastes), while Mighty Bomb Jack is Tecmo's fittingly named sequel to Bomb Jack, an arcade platform game that's as delightful to play today as it was on its release in the mid-80s.

TwinBee, meanwhile, is one of the lesser-spotted vertical Konami shooters of the 80s, a sugar-coated 'cute 'em-up' that's worth checking out. It's notable for being the first release on the infamously volatile Konami's Bubble System hardware when it came out in the arcade in 1985, with that hardware going on to house the mighty Gradius later that year.

We already know that next month brings us Wario's Woods, Ninja Gaiden and Adventures of Lolo. Oh what I'd give for Salamander to make its way across shortly after that...