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Nintendo reveals cool pastel Switch Joy-Con colours


Nintendo looks to be evoking the colour palette of the upcoming Barbie movie with a series of stylish pastel Switch Joy-Con colours.

The four new looks will come as two new pairs: Pastel Pink/Pastel Yellow and Pastel Purple/Pastel Green.

Both sets will launch on 30th June - which if you haven't already seen, is also the release date of Nintendo's quickly-announced 1-2-Switch sequel.

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Nintendo detailed the designs this morning via Twitter, and noted that they will be sold for the usual Joy-Con price. That's typically £70 direct from Nintendo for a pair, though you can usually find them cheaper if you shop around.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pastel designs.
Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pastel designs.

Do you like the look of them? And will you splash out on a purchase, at this point in the Switch's life?

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