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Nintendo posts $20k bounty for info on Switch security vulnerabilities

Grand scheme.

Nintendo now offers a bounty of up to $20k (£16k) for details of Switch security vulnerabilities.

Specifically, Nintendo wants information on potential techniques that might enable piracy, cheating, or the dissemination of inappropriate content to children.

The programme is operated through third-party website HackerOne, and is an extension of Nintendo's existing policy of offering a bounty for information on similar security flaws for 3DS.

Only the first person to tell Nintendo about a security lapse is eligible for a bounty. Reward amounts start at $100 and go up to $20k, based on how easy they might be for people to use, and how serious the flaw could be for the company.

Three informants have been paid bounties by Nintendo since the scheme was first launched at the end of 2016. Nintendo does not disclose how much these individuals were paid, or for what information they were rewarded.

The past few years have seen 3DS' security breached on multiple occaisons. Nintendo has since played a game of cat and mouse with hackers to keep ahead of their schemes.

Nintendo Switch has yet to suffer a major security lapse, although the existence of a hidden internet browser within the console's code has given hope to enterprising hackers that exploits may eventually be found. Or not, now - if the hacker chooses to take Nintendo up on its offer.