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Nintendo denies reports of new hardware at E3 2014

"We definitely aren't..."

Nintendo has told Eurogamer that it will not show off any new hardware at E3 2014, after reports published overnight and today suggested it was readying some kind of announcement.

Comments made in an IGN podcast sparked the debate, which was then picked up and added to by a number of other sites.

However, a spokesperson from Nintendo told Eurogamer this afternoon: "we definitely aren't announcing hardware at this year's E3".

Nintendo announced this week it would again eschew a live press conference at E3 2014 for a "Digital Event" to be streamed online at 5pm UK time on Tuesday, 10th June.

The broadcast will "reveal and provide further detail about the gaming experiences on the way for Nintendo platforms in 2014 and beyond," the company teased.

In addition, Nintendo will host a Smash Bros. Wii U invitational tournament for top-rated players which will take place at the show itself and be streamed online.

Finally, "Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3" will offer constant live game demos from Nintendo's booth "during all hours" of E3.