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Ninja Reflex set for Wii and DS

Fighting and self-improvement.

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Electronic Arts has been running around the world gathering up games again and this time it's come back with something called Ninja Reflex for Wii and DS, due for release next March.

It's made by Sanzaru Games and will be co-published by Nunchuck Games and EA Partners, and - get this - it's made up of mini-games!

More specifically, "Ninja Reflex channels the accessible multiplayer fun of Wii Sports and the self-improvement aspect of Brain Age into a martial arts universe that is ideally suited for the Wii and Nintendo DS," according to Nunchuck Games president David Luntz.

According to EA's bumf, it issues players with martial arts challenges designed to test reflexes and reaction times with "millisecond precision".

It also has a four-player mode, obviously, and you can admire some screenshots of it in our cunningly named Ninja Reflex screenshot gallery.

So, watch out for that next March when Ellie inevitably has to review it.

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