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NG:DEV.TEAM's latest Dreamcast and Neo Geo shmup NEO XYX gets a new trailer

Due this April for Neo Geo MVS and June on Dreamcast.

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NG:DEV.TEAM sure is busy for a studio that only makes games for outlandishly outmoded consoles that are no longer in production. With The Ghost Blade and the Kickstarter funded Redux: Dark Matters on the docket, one wonders how the studio continues to plug away producing retro revivals. Still, it's at it again with NEO XYX, a vertical scrolling shmup for the Sega Dreamcast and SNK's Neo Geo MVS (i.e. arcade cabinet) and AVS.

If that wasn't retro enough, NG:DEV.TEAM stated that NEO XYX "was graphically designed to look like a 1989 Japanese arcade game," though I believe that's referring to the colourful sci-fi aesthetic as it's not nearly as pixelated as an actual game from that era - as you can see in the new trailer below.

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The final game will contain six stages with 11 bosses. It will be region free and compatible with all EU, US and Japanese Dreamcasts built before October 2001.

NEO XYX will launch in April on the Neo Geo MVS, then come to the Dreamcast in June. Pre-orders for the DC version are available on NG:DEV.TEAM's storefront where it costs €32 for the standard edition, €42 for the Limited Edition with a soundtrack, and €88 for the Collector's Edition that also includes a t-shirt, stickers and a postcard. The Collector's Edition is limited to 300 units.

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