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Xbox Live 360 pricing revealed?

Not officially, mind.

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French website is claiming it has stumbled across the US pricing bundles for the Xbox 360 Live service.

The Premium Gold Pack is priced at $69.99 and will get you a 12 month subscription, an Xbox Live headset, $20 off an Xbox 360 game and 200 Xbox Live marketplace points. Plus you can play Billiards in the Xbox Live Arcade.

If you don't need the extras you can get a 12 Month Gold Card, which offers a year's subscription only, for $59.99.

If that sounds like too much commitment, the 3 Month Premium Gold Pack is just $39.99. It includes - as you might have guessed - a three month subscription, plus a headset, $10 off a game, 100 marketplace points and access to Xbox Live Arcade game Joust. A straight 3 Month Gold subscription is $19.99.

And finally there's the 1 Month Gold Card, priced at just $7.99. Of course, if you're a real cheapskate you can stick with the free Xbox Live Silver subscription - but this'll only let you log on to use the marketplace and chatrooms, and you won't be able to play games online.

Microsoft was unavailable for comment so we've really no idea if this is the real deal or a big fat hoax. But, rather interestingly, the same details have recently appeared on the Electronics Boutique website - only they've priced the 12 Month Gold card at $49.99 instead of $59.99.

Truth or lies? We'll keep you posted...

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