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Gunstar Heroes comes to Europe

With a brand new name.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ and SEGA have signed a deal to co-publish GBA title Gunstar Future Heroes in Europe.

The game, which goes under the name of Gunstar Super Heroes over in the States, is the sequel to the hit Megadrive title first released more than a decade ago. It sees our old friends Red and Blue fighting to keep an evil empire from gettting hold of a mysterious and powerful stone, and to prevent the resurrection of the nefarious God of Ruin.

There are six different routes to choose from and we're promised a healthy array of badass weapons, including machine guns and lasers, along with a revamped level from the first game and plenty of in-jokes for long time SEGA fans.

Gunstar Future Heroes is being developed by Treasure, the same studio behind the original title, and is set for an autumn release.

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