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Next EyeToy titles set for PSEx?

Groove and Sports.

Reports emanating from Germany suggest that the next two batches of EyeToy software will be EyeToy: Groove, a dedicated dance title, and EyeToy: Sports, which will focus on a series of sporting mini-games. Sony has previously said that a second batch of games would be out in time for Christmas, describing them as "dance and fitness titles", which seems to fit the bill here. Online support is also on the cards, although we're not sure whether that applies to these titles. We should get a better idea at the PlayStation Experience event in London next month, where EyeToy is scheduled to make an appearance. After the success of EyeToy: Play, which has shipped more than 250,000 copies in Europe alone thus far, and its reception at last year's event, we'd be very surprised if Sony's PSEx plans didn't involve Groove and Sports...