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Sony plans second run of EyeToy titles

EyeToy: Play due out next Friday, with console bundle to boot.

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Sony's EyeToy: Play is due out next Friday, July 4th, priced £39.99, but the PS2 platform holder isn't hanging around in getting to work on the next run of games. According to reports, Sony is working on a second batch of games for release this Christmas, along with dance and fitness titles, and also plans to build support into other in-house titles, allowing players to wash their cars in WRC and so on.

Sony is also planning a new console bundle as part of a £1 million campaign to promote EyeToy, MCV reports this morning. Along with the game's retail release, anybody tempted to pick up a brand new PS2 will be able to get both console and software for £169.99. Not a bad deal.

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