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X360 camera gets release date

Updated: October.

UPDATE: Major Nelson's posted a correction to his widely read blog, noting that the camera is actually due out in Europe on October 2nd and not September 19th as previously stated:

"On my latest Show, I had BIGVIP from the Xbox PR team on to talk about the upcoming dashboard update. Towards the end of the interview we discussed the Xbox Live Vision Camera. During this portion, he mentioned a release dates. It turns out that the dates discussed in the show are incorrect. The (current) dates the Xbox Live Vision Camera are scheduled to be released are: North America: September 19th, Europe and Asia (except Japan): October 2, Japan, Australia and New Zealand: I don’t have confirmed dates yet."

Sorry about the confusion! Back to the original story, which was a lovely story full of zeal and excitement, which I'm sure you'll very much enjoy.

Microsoft's director of programming for Xbox Live, better known as Major Nelson, has announced that the Xbox Live Vision camera will get a simultaneous release in Europe and the US this autumn.

The XLV camera works like the PS2's EyeToy, basically, and lets you personalise your gamertag picture, send photo messages, and chat over Xbox Live.

You'll also be able to use it to play Xbox Live games such as Uno and Texas Hold'Em Poker. As previously announced, GestureTek will be providing the technology that powers the device.

According to Nelson's latest podcast, the forthcoming Xbox Live update is all set to work with the camera, so you can expect a "plug and play experience."

"The camera is launching this fourth quarter," Nelson said, adding: "We've actually given a specific date both for North America and Europe of September 19th." There's no word on how much it'll cost yet, though.