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EyeToy coming to X360

Won't be called that, obv.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Following confirmation that an EyeToy-style peripheral is currently in development for the Xbox 360, Microsoft has announced that GestureTek will be providing the technology behind the Xbox Live Vision camera.

Like Sony's EyeToy, the camera will let you control the action on screen using physical gestures. Examples of games which might use the technology, as suggested by GestureTek, include poker titles, snowboarding and volleyball games, music games which feature virtual instruments, and titles where the you'll have to physically dodge bullets or martial arts attacks.

"Gesture recognition and control is a logical evolution in gaming," said GestureTek CEO Bill Leconby.

"Our technology has been thrilling and entertaining users in public and private installations around the world since well before the movie Minority Report popularised the concept of gesture control. This offering opens doors to unlimited applications in the gaming experience."

"The fusion of GestureTek technology and the Xbox 360 will enhance the entertainment and gaming experience for our customers," said Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg.

"As the Xbox 360 camera offering enables a more immersive and integrated gaming experience, gesture control will further redefine entertainment."

Microsoft is arguably playing catch-up here - Sony's EyeToy first hit the shelves in July 2003. Since then, more than 5.3 million first-party EyeToy titles have been sold.

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