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New Warhammer game named

It's called Mark. As in Of Chaos.

Namco has announced the full title for forthcoming PC RTS game Warhammer: Mark of Chaos.

It's set a year after the Great War, when fierce battles still go off all across the Old World. Some of the defeated Chaos armies have done a runner to the distant Northern Wastes, while others have fallen to hostile groups.

Again and again new Champions rise up, hoping to once again unite the Chaos forces, only to boon it. For none can match the power of their lost leader, Asavar Kul, who truly was the hardest man ever and probably knew proper judo and everything.

And now you can join in the fun as four powerful armies - Empire, Chaos, Skaven and High Elves - battle it out with Orcs, Dwarfs, Vampires, Goblins and who knows else in an epic fight for land and power. And glory, we'd wager.

The game, which is being developed by Black Hole Entertainment, promises "Epic battles within massive landscapes while offering an astounding level of detail, from a bird's eye view down to the insignias on a warrior's armour." You can also expect customisable units and maps, a variety of play modes and plenty of multiplayer options.

Namco president Nobuhiro Kasahar said: "With Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, the emphasis is centered on warring armies and mighty champions and less so on the tedious aspects of base management that can often take away from the epic battles.

"It is an honour to bring a real-time strategy game of this magnitude to PC."

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos is slated for a late 2006 release. Rumours that a sequel titled Warhammer: Ian of Doom is already planned are made up.