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From Soft working on new PS2 Tenchu

Ayame returns. Handbags!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

From Software is working on a new game in the Tenchu series for the PS2, the multi-talented developer has announced at this year's Tokyo Game Show. However disappointingly there isn't much to report - all we know is that the game will feature returning female star Ayame and fellow female ninja Rin (it's something of a female ninja morning, this), and that "Kurenai" is a shade of red lipstick showcased in splashes of colour on this one-image teaser site. We also expect to say "hiiii-ya!" to new supporting characters and a revised stealth kill system when the game ships in 2004, courtesy of recurring publisher Activision.

As regular readers will know, our next serving of Tenchu will be served up in the spring when Activision brings PS2 chart-topper Wrath of Heaven to the Xbox, complete with new maps, map layouts, and co-operative online multiplayer. Heavens! You can read more about that here.

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