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Xbox Tenchu is updated PS2 port

Two new maps, new layouts, multiplayer Live support.

Activision has confirmed that the Xbox Tenchu title mentioned in its earnings report last week is an enhanced port of the slightly flawed but thoroughly enjoyable Wrath of Heaven, released to a bit of chart success and critical acclaim on PS2 earlier this year.

Tenchu: Return from Darkness includes all nine of the PS2 original's single player maps with a few new layouts, and two new single player maps for good measure. The Xbox port will also allow players to take on the game's six multiplayer maps co-operatively over Xbox Live, something this office ninja is certainly looking forward to.

There's no word on whether developers K2 and Prosoft are planning to iron out the camera issues that cropped up on the PS2, but hopefully it's something they're considering. Activision also makes no mention of possible downloadable content, but it wouldn't seem too far-fetched to expect new level layouts or costumes and things of that nature. Although given Activision's track record with downloadable content, any planned extras will probably ship with the game anyway.

Return from Darkness is due out in spring 2004. You can check out our review of the PS2 original here.

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