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Jay Kay burns rubber for NFS

See him in action at the launch.

To celebrate the launch of Need For Speed Most Wanted earlier this month, Electronic Arts held a very special event at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bedford.

All right, so it might not sound like the most glamorous of locations, but take a look at our photos of the event and you'll see that it was in fact a most star-studded occasion.

Well, more like car-studded really, since Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay was actually the only star there, but there were millions of super-shiny racers all over the place.

EA invited winners from the recent NFS competition to join in the fun, and during the event they received their prizes from Jay Kay himself. The overall winner was Johnny Hounslow of High Wickham, who got to go drifting with Jay Kay in a nice shiny Nissan - as did some of the runners-up.

So go on then, have a look at our photos - some of them are well arty and that. The only disappointment is that Jay Kay is wearing a normal hat, but that picture of the lady in the PVC boots might go some way to making up for it.