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EyeToy Play tops one million sales

With EyeToy: Groove just around the corner...

EyeToy: Play - the PS2 title that uses a webcam to control various mini-games and projects the player's image onto the screen for all to see - has sold more than one million copies in the four months since its release, according to Sony, and that's just in Europe - with US and Japanese launches still to come in November.

Meanwhile over here, Sony is already gearing up for the November release of EyeToy: Groove, the rhythm-action follow-up to 'Play' from the same developer. Developed in a flash (six months is the figure we've heard), it nevertheless promises to be an interesting experience, testing and projecting your dance moves on the TV rather than on a piece of plastic sprawled on the living room floor. The song list, announced earlier this month, is certainly an intriguing concoction.

The phenomenal success of the webcam-based game is no doubt massively appreciated at Sony, which was thought to be taking a bit of a chance on the unusual and original idea (which has won all sorts of innovation awards since its release, incidentally). Understandably, it's already turning attention to the next instalment, and we'll be doing the same as soon as we get hold of it...