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Are you a King of Competitions?

Winners for KoF2002 compo.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

As you may recall, we recently offered to give away copies of King of Fighters 2002 on PS2 and Xbox, as well as some smashing incredibly limited edition artwork by series artist Falcoon and a few pin-badges.

Well, we've drawn the winners! They are a chap who goes by the name spanky, another by the name Puzzle Rattrap, a third who calls himself Darren Hebden (hardly inventive. Oh) and a couple of others who haven't told us whether it's okay to name them or not. Let's call them Benylin and Calpol.

All of 'em should be receiving their prizes in short order, and most of them said they were looking forward to lording it over the rest of you. Apart from whoever wins that LCD monitor - whoever that turns out to be may need to go into hiding given all the mail we've had about it.

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