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Bubble Bobble pops up on DS

Since the last one, er, blew.

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Rising Star Games has revealed that it's to publish another Bubble Bobble game for the Nintendo DS in Q1 2007.

Bubble Bobble Double Shot (see what they did) introduces a third platform-hopping bubble-popping character called Bubu to the traditional duo of Bub and Bob, and promises "a respectful return to the series' roots".

That means we're getting the "essence" of Bubble Bobble platforming with "a smattering of non-intrusive additions". Like Bubu.

So for example, you'll still find yourself platforming through compact levels brimming with secrets, spread across two screens, but now you'll also be using the right shoulder button to switch between Bub, Bob and Bubu, because certain enemies can only be taken down by certain characters.

This system is based on colours - and there will also be a new star bubble that lets you change the colour of enemies on-screen so your selected character can tackle them all.

What's more, Rising Star says the "continue" mechanic has been changed so that you're now asked to complete touch-based mini-games when you perish in order to carry on playing - like solving a puzzle, or tapping the screen quickly so escape from a rampaging monster.

On top of the single-player antics, which amount to 100 levels, there will also be co-operative multiplayer for up to three people.

Bubble Bobble Double Shot is due out in Q1 2007, and you can see how it looks in a selection of early screenshots.

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