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GTA: San Andreas Stories?

Rockstar won't rule it out.

Rockstar Leeds studio head Gordon Hall has made positive noises about the possibility of San Andreas eventually appearing in a GTA game on PSP.

"Can't rule anything out in terms of being able to fit San Andreas on there, but whether we'll actually do it or not, that's another matter!" Hall told Eurogamer in an interview published today.

"We will always try our best to push the boundaries on each consecutive title; who knows what the future might bring."

Advances made during the development of Liberty City Stories - Rockstar Leeds' first GTA PSP title - led to significant leaps in terms of what was possible in Vice City Stories, due out in November, Hall told us.

They've been able to "double the city size capable of fitting on a UMD," apparently. "At that rate we'll be able to go bigger the more we know and the more the technology moves on." In other words, don't rule it out.

One thing you can rule out for now though is VCS appearing on PS2, with Hall toeing the company line that this is a PSP exclusive. "There are as yet no plans to bring it to PS2; we hope everyone enjoys what we've done with the game on the format it was designed for," he said.