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Cryptic doing Marvel MMO

Rather than battling in court.

Cryptic Studios is working on "Marvel Universe Online" for Xbox 360 and Windows Vista, Microsoft announced this evening.

The game will take advantage of Microsoft's "Live Anywhere" cross-platform relationship to allow Xbox 360 and Windows Vista users to play alongside one another.

"As part of an MMO gaming experience, 'Marvel Universe Online' players will be able to interact simultaneously in a truly unique atmosphere featuring all their favorite Marvel characters, creatures and villains," the developer says of the game.

"As an independent developer, Cryptic Studios has the freedom to make games and forge partnerships that we are truly passionate about," said Michael Lewis, president of Cryptic Studios.

"Cryptic Studios and Microsoft share a common vision for online gaming and commitment to quality titles. Together we will create a new exciting game that captures the uniqueness of the Marvel IP."

Mind you, the last time we heard Cryptic Studios' and Marvel's names in the same sentence, it was anything but pleasant - and we're not just talking about the cadence of the thing.

Because the last time we did the two were warring over the questions of whether being able to create facsimiles of popular Marvel characters using Cryptic's City of Heroes MMO. Cryptic thought it was fine. Marvel, and its phalanxes of lawyers, clearly did not.

But whatever's happened, it clearly involved kissing and making up, because now there will be an officially sanctioned massively multiplayer game by the superhero aficionados.

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